Portfolio Management Consultancy

Portfolio management is about determining what the portfolio of products (and/or projects) should be to achieve your goals and then managing that portfolio for optimum results.

This means choosing the right projects to invest in, actively managing the priorities and matching the resources to the projects.

If you have a number of potential and actual product developments and/or other types of projects and are suffering from any of these kinds of problems, then the root cause could be down to portfolio management.

bulletProjects running late
bulletProjects over budget
bulletProblems at launch
bulletQuality and reliability problems
bulletPoor product performance in the market
bulletBenefits not realised
bulletReturn on Investment not achieved
bulletSales and margins not being achieved
bulletStrategic direction not being achieved

Then you may want to consider one of our portfolio management packages

These are designed to do the following

bulletReview your current portfolio of products/projects
bulletIntroduce various methods of portfolio management
bulletPropose a framework for portfolio management in your business
bulletIf time allows run an initial portfolio management session with your key people to put the process in place and prioritise your projects.


A number of option packages are available depending on the level of involvement you require.

In all cases the client is expected to do some 'homework' prior to the consultancy session, to make the session(s) as efficient as possible. This will usually entail you in preparing a list of current and future products/projects, together with a classification of their type, their size, their duration, their expected cost and profitability/ROI, their risk classification, their strategic importance, the level and type of resources they require and their current status, e.g. on time & on budget or otherwise.

Bronze - One-Day Consultancy Session

This is a good option if you have a relatively small number of projects in your portfolio

Silver - Three-Day Consultancy Session

If you have a larger portfolio, or you want us to spend more time with you, for instance to take part in one or more portfolio analysis sessions, then this is probably the package for you.

Gold - Five-Day Consultancy Session

If you have a very large portfolio, or you want us to take part in an initial portfolio analysis sessions, and then some follow up sessions, then this is probably the package for you.

The days do not have to be consecutive.

plus Platinum - Longer Engagement - Multiple Days

As many days as you want, in any combination of on-site and off-site.

In all cases you can buy extensions to the number of days or a further package if you wish.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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