NPD Process

PD-Trak™ provides an NPD Process Templates based on best practices and the experience of many major companies that the developers have consulted with over a twenty year period. The NPD process which is embedded in PD-Trak™:

bulletUtilizes a stage/ phase-gate process
bulletIncorporates design reviews for verification
bulletFocuses on understanding customer needs as a basis for product specifications
bulletEmphasizes establishing and achieving target costs
bulletIncorporates good project management practices
bulletIs oriented to compliance with quality management practices
bulletEmphasizes collaboration of a multi-functional product team

This process can be adopted as-is for a company that needs to overhaul and improve its development process or it can be adapted to the organization's current development process.

NPD Process consists of the following elements:

bulletA defined set of stages and gates
bulletA task breakdown and deliverable document associated with each stage or phase. The Task Plan tool provides the primary means to define the process, deliverables and responsibilities and link to the various project documents and tools (see Task Plans for more information on this process definition tool).
bulletA set of templates for the deliverable documents to support the process along with guidance how to prepare each document
bulletA set of Product Development Tools to support the development process including Bills of Material, Quality Function Deployment, Target Costing, Design for Assembly, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and Control Plans
bulletTwo project management planning and statusing alternatives
bulletAgendas and guidelines for gate reviews and design reviews

The process shown below is the basis for the NPD-Process-in-a-Box. However, this process can be readily modified to your organization's process requirements and terminology. Process-in-a-Box is available for new hardware products, software products and service products.

NPD Process-in-a-Box™ Stage/Phase-Gate Process

In addition to the process definition, NPD Process includes the following specific tools and document templates for hardware products (similar tools and document templates are available for software and service products):

  1. Project Brief
  2. Budget and Schedule Worksheet
  3. Financial Justification Worksheet
  4. Risk Management Plan
  5. Action Item Register
  6. Team Member Contact List
  7. Task Plans (process description of tasks and deliverables by phase)
  8. Advance Quality Plan Template
  9. Competitive Assessment Template
  10. Customer Support Plan Template
  11. Field Assessment Plan Template
  12. Market Definition and Forecast Template
  13. Market Launch Plan Template
  14. Product Definition Template
  15. Program Plan Template
  16. Voice of the Customer Plan Template
  17. Meeting Agenda & Minutes Template
  18. Product Roadmap
  19. Quality Function Deployment Tool
  20. Radar chart Tool
  21. Trip Report Template
  22. Stakeholder Analysis Tool
  23. Gate Review Planner

For further information, please contact us, and we will do our best to help.


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