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New Product Development & Introduction (NPD/NPI)

It is more important than ever to have a steady stream of successful new products.
But currently almost 50% of new products fail to meet the targets set for them. 

Money is being thrown away

Would you invest in a company with that level of performance?

Improve your chances of success by tuning up your new product development process.

Big companies do it. Now small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can do it too.


Purpose of NPD Process

To obtain a higher success rate for new product development
To provide a common framework for all projects
To guide project teams with best practice models
To ensure all requirements are met
To identify problems early so as to rectify them or weed out weak projects
To help management identify the best projects in order to optimise the allocation of scarce resources

History of NPD

Research by Academics and Consultancies in USA and Canada to find out differences between ‘winners’ and ‘losers’
Cooper & Edgett
Clark & Wheelwright
From this best practice has been distilled
Cooper & Edgett invented the Stage-GateTM process
PDMA formed in USA, now active in UK

Current NPD Performance

On average, 46% of NPD spending is on projects that are losers…top companies only spend 20% on losers. -
66% of CEOs are “somewhat” or “very disappointed” with their firms’ new product performance
>70% of projects take longer than expected
New products currently represent 50% of companies’ sales revenues & 40% of their profits, and this is growing
Innovativeness drives companies’ investment value
Only one in seven concepts is a winner
One-third of new products fail at launch

Stage-Gate® Process

One way of helping to improve the situation is to have a formal Stage-Gate ® process. This brings discipline to the process and if well-applied will weed out the less favourable projects at an early stage, releasing resources for those projects that are likely to be more successful.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is about Choosing the Right Projects

3 Goals of Portfolio Management

To maximize the value of the portfolio
To achieve a desired balance of projects
To link new product effort to the Business Strategy

NPD / NPI Consultancy

Download our NPD/NPI Brochure or contact us by going to our Contact Page

The NPD / NPI process consultants at Elite Consulting can help you to review and improve your NPD / NPI process. Call to discuss.

PD-Trak NPD Software

We also have NPD / NPI software, called PD-Trak.


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