CFD Analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Elite Consulting works with specialists in the field to help solve your fluid flow and thermal problems using the power of CFD. 

Whichever industry you are in, be it electronics, heat exchangers, automotive, aerospace or civil engineering, the understanding of fluid and thermal dynamics and the resolution of associated problems is more and more important.

CFD has often been thought of as too specialist a technology and hence too difficult and expensive. Our approach is to use it at the concept stage with simple models in order to get the basics right first, and then go on to a more detailed analysis if required. We can take the geometry directly from your CAD system such as Pro/ENGINEER or SolidWorks.

Flow in a Catalytic Converter

If you need to look at any of the following, then we can help

         Laminar, Turbulent and Transition Flows

         Velocities, Temperatures and Pressures

         Internal and External Flow

         Steady State & Transient Flow

         Incompressible & Compressible Flow

Furthermore, if you need to calculate heat transfer coefficients or surface temperatures to apply to thermal analysis in another code, then we can do that, or conduct thermal analysis of the solid parts as well as the fluids.

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